SMC Machine


Sheet Molding Compound Machine

Sheet molding compound (SMC) is a process as well as reinforced composite material. The composite is a “ready to mold” glass and other fiber reinforced polyester resin material mainly used in compression molding. The compound is produce in rolls and zigzag winding shapes, SMC compound is manufactured by uniform distribution of chopped strand glass or other fibers in required proportion by weight over moving carrier film having layer of resin compound from upper and lower doctor box. 

 Mix matrix is then impregnated by passing through upper and lower set of rollers with control pressure and after final impregnation compound sheet is collected at the winder either by roll winding or zig-zeg winding for further storage and use. 


Compound sheet can be produce with following variables,

  • Compound sheet width and thickness
  • Compound sheet unit area weight
  • Percentage of glass / other reinforcement in compound sheet With different strand length as per product requirement

 Composite SMC has many important areas of applications as under, Automotive parts, high-strength electrical parts, Switch gear body, Meter Box, Junction Box, Panel Enclosure, Motors Shrouds, Generator Enclosures, Panel Tank Components, Railway Coach Components, Military & Aerospace, Transportation, Safety, Medical, Electrical, Oil & Gas, Alternative Energy, Marine, and various structural components, 

SMC Machine Specifications:

  • Compound Width : up to 1200mm
  • Compound Weight : 2.5 - 6.0 Kg/m²
  • Glass Content : up to 50% * (Using Double Chopper Head) With Strand length 1/2” – 2”
  • Electrical Power : 6.5 kW. (Connected Load)
  • Compressed Air : 4-6 CFM at 70-80 PSI Pressure
  • Machine Speed : 2 – 8 mtr/min.


SMC Machine Features:

Precision tubular machine structure with epoxy primer and PU paint
Precision machine components with required protective coating
Life lubricated gear reduction drives
PLC, HMI, AC Drives for machine operation and control


Compared to similar methods, SMC benefits from a very high volume production ability, excellent part productivity, it is cost effective as low labor requirements per production level is very good and industry scrap is reduced substantially. Weight reduction, due to lower dimensional requirements and because of the ability to consolidate many parts into one, is also advantageous. The level of flexibility also exceeds many counterpart processes.

Physical properties

(properties vary depending upon fiber and resin types)
Impact Strength: 8–13 ft·lbf/in
Flex Strength: 18-34 KPSI
Flex Mod: 1.5-2.1 KPSI
Tensile Strength: 8-18 KPSI
Compressive Strength:24-32 KPSIHDT @ 264 PSI: >500°F

Pultrusion Machine


Pultrusion Machine

Reciprocating Hydraulic Single/Double Platen Vertical Hydraulic Clamping

Pultrusion Machine

Reciprocating Hydraulic Pneumatic Actuating Mechanical Gripper

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Ashirvad Industries is a leading India based SMC Machine (Sheet Molding Compounds Machine) Pultrusion Machine’s, Pultrusion Dies, Pultrusion Mold, Pultrusion Tooling manufacturer and has been serving the various domestic and international industries by exporting / supplying world class F.R.P. Pultrusions Machines and G.R.P. Pultrusions Machines, which are using these days worldwide in various industries to manufacture different FRP pultrusion products and GRP pultrusion products, which can be used for industrial and recreational uses.  

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